How It Works

Menuly is founded on the idea that the services industry moves fast and businesses need a method to quickly update their service offerings. Updating a daily specials menu shouldn't take opening a ticket with a web service company.

That's where Menuly comes in.

When you join Menuly, you can have your restaurant's menu (or or any service list) online in minutes by following these six steps.

Step One: Join Menuly

Step Two: Create a venue

(Creating a venue)

When you join, we'll create an organization named for your username. Click on the "Venues" button and "Add a Venue". Add your business name, address, and telephone number. We'll use this to to provide search engines information about your venue on your menu page.

Step Three: Create a menu

(Creating a menu)

Click "Menus" on the venue page and "Add a menu". You can have any number of draft menus in the system at any given time. The number of live, published menus depends on your account type.

Step Four: Create menu items

(Creating menu items)

Click "Menu Builder", then "Menu Items", then "Add Menu Item" to add items. As you add your menu items, you'll be able to see them in list form and even re-order them.

(Menu item list)

Step Five: Preview your menu

Click the "Menu Preview" button to get a look at your menu before publishing.

(Menu preview)

Step Six: Publish your menu

Click "Edit Menu Properties" and "Publish this Menu". That's it! Your menu is now live on the internet, just like Our Sample. More advanced users can embed their menus on their websites using an iframe and just two lines of code. After creating a paid account, you'll be able to access additional customization options, like sections, to create a more customized menu, like this one

Menus can be updated on your time. Typos can be addressed as you see them. You can even draft menus behind the scenes and replace menus in real time. When publishing, you can choose to have the new menu take the place of an existing one and it will be published with no downtime to the menu at all. Most importantly, your menu can change on YOUR time, not your web company's.